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11 minute read

Responsive Retinas Strike Back

I wrote a post yesterday all about responsive retina images. Well, I can’t say “all about” because I just learned that you can’t post code samples on the internet without fully explaining when and how you should use the code....

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8 minute read

Retina Images That Respond

I’ve always wanted to and planned to publicly share helpful code snippets and other tips related to business and building products, but have always lacked the time. Well, no longer. I’m going to make the effort to share more. Roon makes it...

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8 minute read

Building Namebox

Yesterday at 7:30am I launched Namebox with the tweet below and this post is going to shed a little light onto how I built it in just two nights.

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4 minute read

All New Lumo

I’m super excited to announce that the all new Lumo website and web app has launched! The all new iPhone app should be out next week too!

New Design

I completely re-designed the app icon and Lumo logo and refreshed the look and feel of the website...

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