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Product Over People

I just watchedthis videoof Jony Ive talking about some lessons he learned from Steve Jobs. He outlines two lessons he learned.


This one hits home because it is something I’m doing a lot around recently. More announcements on that soon, but I really...

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Will Apple Keep Dreaming?

In 1984 Apple made computersaccessible enough toearn a place in homes all across the world. Other computers had come before and others followed after. But in 1984 Apple started it all.

In 2001 Apple made music mobile. Music had already been mobile for...

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Announcing the first app I’ve made for my kids: KidCam!It’s the best camera app for kids.


A Little History

Having kids is amazing. I’ve got three of em', ages four and under. After seeing how quickly my iPhone became second nature to my oldest, my...

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I’m super excited to have finally launched Plasso!

Plasso is a re-branding and re-engineering of Space Box, and is the next leap forward in my efforts to make payments online the best experience it can be. Admittedly I have a ways to go before...

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Macro from Vdio

A while back I signed up for a video streaming service called Vdio, from the makers ofRdio. It was just like Netflix, Amazon Instant and iTunes, except with a smaller video library.

Everyone who signed up for early beta got $25 for free to spend on...

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