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All New Lumo

I’m super excited to announce that the all new Lumo website and web app has launched! The all new iPhone app should be out next week too!

New Design

I completely re-designed the app icon and Lumo logo and refreshed the look and feel of the website while keeping the basic structure the same. I added retina support to all the marketing images on the home page as well.

Lumo Icons

Likes & Views

Beyond the new look I’ve added support for “Liking” photos. Now all of your Lumo pages have a little heart icon so anyone (even people without a Lumo account) can “Like” your photos. I also added “View” counts. Now you can see how many views each of your photos are getting from within the iPhone app and web app. These views aren’t simply a “page-view” count, it’s a bit smarter in that a person can only view your photo once. So if you were to go look at this photo of mine and refresh the page a thousand times, it would only count the first time you viewed it. This is great for seeing the total number of people who have viewed your site. If you’d like more complex view counts, you can sign up for Lumo Pro and add in your Google Analytics account.


Another stupendous feature I added was Lumo Embeds! When you want to include a Lumo photo somewhere on the web (like a Roon blog post) you previously would just link to the image, or include the image itself into the blog post/website. But by doing so you don’t get the advantage of making it easy for people to Like or Share that photo. Now you can with Embeds! All you need to do is click the embed icon on any of your photos in the Lumo web app and copy & paste the code snippet into your blog or website. Easy.

Above is an example of a Lumo Embed. Here is the wild and crazy thing: they are 100% responsive and maintain the correct aspect ratio out of the box!
That might not sound so cool, but if your a front-end dev you know that’s pretty wild. Just view source and you might notice all the trickery. Took a while to do correctly while maintaining aspect ratios, but it was worth it. Oh, and Embeds code snippets are just one line of code!
Why make embeds responsive? So your photos always look good without relying on the website/blog you embed them into to handle responsive design.

About Lumo

The easiest way to show off your best photos. It’s Free, has no ads and doesn’t lock your photos behind a friend or follower wall. It also stores your original photos, making it a nifty backup tool. I’m coding and designing Lumo all myself. My pal Wes Billman is handling all the iPhone dev. Together we are Lumo.
I started working on Lumo last summer. My intention was to get something launched in a couple months. That turned in to almost a year lol. From the beginning I didn’t want to spend much time on the visual polish of the service because I was solely focused on getting something launched quickly. As a result I was never really proud of the look of the web or iPhone app. Well, no longer! I think they look great now and am super stoked with them.

If you haven’t yet, sign up! Also, checkout my photos on Lumo.

Hope you enjoy all the new stuff!

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